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About Us

At TeensForFoodBanks, our primary goal is to assist local food banks and help make sure they have all the resources possible in order to aid those in need. Especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic, many families are left starving and the demand from Food Banks has drastically increased. We realize that many residents of Northern Virginia are interested in donating to local food banks, but coronavirus safety concerns have greatly reduced the number of donations being given to local food banks. Our mission is to create a way for people to donate contact-free without needing to leave their homes. Since our launch in April 2020, we have collected over 7,000 pounds of food for donation to local food banks.

Our Process

We conduct monthly food drives and the process of our food drives takes two weeks. Our members drop off the flyers in local communities during the first week, and in the second week, our members pick up the food donations. We collect around 500 pounds of food per food drive and we hope to keep collecting more!

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